Suzy Marilyn Axmaker (con woman) is going by the following aliases: Suzy White, Marilyn Axmaker and Marilyn White. She is back at ripping people off. Her business name is Marilyn’s LLC also known as NW Wholesale Hub LLC in Hermiston, Oregon. Her address is also P.O. Box 362 Molalla, Oregon 97038 aka Marilyn’s Brand Name Fashions For Less.


suzy axmaker



*Suzy Marilyn Axmaker is pictured above in black.  Do you know if con woman Suzy Marilyn Axmaker is working with Tara Axmaker (pictured below) who stole a police car while on meth and was lodged in the Clackamas County Jail on charges of felony attempted murder, first-degree aggravated theft, attempted assault to a police officer, unauthorized use of a vehicle, eluding a police officer, reckless driving and parole violation and was sentenced to four years in prison?




Con Woman Suzy Marilyn Axmaker is at her list of cons, scams and rip off’s again.  We have had complaints from a Student that states Axmaker got him for thousands for her Shop a lot for less scam.   Then another person called and said she was not paying her rent.   Another person contacted us that Suzy aka Marilyn Axmaker was threatening them over money they did not owe her,  but she made threats to them to pay anyway.   Another person called and said Axmaker is not paying her rent, owes them thousands.   Another person made contact and stated she was not paying them thousands in wages.  This list of scams, lies, frauds and cons is going on and on and on with this woman!  We are putting a very high alert on this person.   She is trying to run new operations in Oregon.  Her son Cody Wade Axmaker is also being looked at, for possibly and allegedly helping her.   Another name of new operations is Marilyn’s Brand Name Fashions for less.  

If this woman approaches you, please contact ASAP! 

About The Equalizer

The Equalizer Group is not a part of or represent itself as a “law-firm”. Nor are we some type of “collection agency”. We are a victim advocacy organization. When a victim comes to us and tells us about their case we spend quite a bit of time investigating and looking into the merits of the matter. We then look into the backgrounds and names of the people who are reported to us or the company they own or represent. By the time we contact the offending party, we have already determined that what they did and how they did it was unjust.