Pastor Stanley Fox aka “Bishop” was called as the pastor of the Ahtanum Community Church in 1995.  He had a troubled history as a pastor because he admits to having affairs with church members.  Supposedly this was all forgiven after he had married one of the affairs.  
He was voted in as the pastor under the direction as chairman of the pulpit  research committee,  his son-in-law Glenn Denman.  The church has never really grown while Stan and Glenn have been at the wheel of this ship.  If they were ever questioned about how they were running things, a campaign was started and all of a sudden you were gone.  
The church was set up as a Congregational type system of government, but it really has never functioned in that capacity.  Stan Fox has ALWAYS operated the church under his way, not the congregation.  He would bully, connive, push or what ever it took to get his way in church matters.  As a result of this type of governance, the church has remained small.  For years there were less than twenty members.  It still hangs in that same realm today.  
If a church is to grow, there needs to be leadership who are talented and gifted in the area of church programming and growth concepts.  These men have no talent in these areas and are determined not to allow any one else to help growth take place.  
Stan Fox made his intentions known to several people about what his plans were when the new church was built.  He is approaching 70 years old now.  But he has not kept his word about retiring when the building was up and running.  It is hard to let go when all you have to give meaning in life is running other people’s lives as the “Bishop”.  Naturally the church has felt this unproductive attitude upon them and many have been forced out because it is either Stan’s way or the highway.  As a result of Stan and Glenn’s conduct in how they treat people, it was necessary that the story get out about how this church treats people who have once been members, but who now are no longer there.
The burden for this whole mess lays squarely on the shoulders of Stan and Gladys Fox and Glenn Denman.  Stan had three separate opportunities to come to grips with his control as “Bishop”.  Using the Bible as the guide, he was confronted and in an effort to resolve his way of doing church.  All three times he rejected it. 

Glenn Denman and his wife Karen have been sued before by residents of Yakima Washington. The case can be found filed in the Yakima County Clerk’s office under case # 09-2-01131-1. Glenn Denman was sued for fraudulent concealment, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Denman settled the case in favor of the Plaintiffs. Glenn Deman is a building inspector for the city of Yakima. His job responsibilities involve the enforcement of building codes and permits.
Denman himself did not get the required permits for his own house. When he sold it to unsuspecting victims, they were forced to sue him and his wife for fraud and other charges.

Plaintiffs in other suits have asked that Don Denman swear before God, Church and State that he had no involvement with the break in and theft at the church. Don Deman refuses.   Don and his family have refused these offers before lawsuits, under cause number(s) 11-2-02744-8, 11-2-02743-0, 11-2-02745-6 were ever filed in Yakima Country Superior Court.
On September 27, 2011 the Yakima Herald Republic ran a story on the matter.
Other allegations at the Central Washington Seventh-day Baptist Church allege that Stan Fox had an affair with his then mistress Gladys while her husband lay dying in the other room. Allegations also are that Fox bedded down with his son’s mother-in-law.

What has become clear to us is that the evidence given so far shows that a number of crimes have been committed by Stan Fox, Glenn Denman and his son Don Denman. Another man now living under Glenn Denman’s roof, and father to Glenn Denman’s grandson has a long rap sheet of crimes and charges against this man. Some have stuck, others have been dismissed even though evidence was strong that the man committed numerous burglaries and other crimes in Washington State.

Dispute all the problems going on here and the fact Stan Fox was asked to resign from the Missionary Society position the General Conference of Seventh-Day Baptist appears to be supporting Stan Fox and has not taken him out of their denomination.  They are aware of all the above and more yet now state that the victims of this disturbing Pastor are at “adversarial positions” with them at the conference level too,  as stated by Andy from the conference.  They refuse to take a stand against Stan Fox and his scandal machine. 


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