Partrick McCaffrey

The following is some information on the conduct of Patrick McCaffrey with Brabham and Associates.


During the year 2011, an attorney was representing a defendant in a major criminal case. He was introduced to Mr. McCaffrey in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue in New York.  McCaffrey represented himself as a polished investigator who specialized in the field of  asset recovery.  He claimed he had worked for various government agencies throughout his career. Another claim was that he had a network of former agents and mercenaries at his disposal worldwide for the efficient and inexpensive recovery of assets.  He also claimed to have represented the Trump Organization in NY in asset recovery in the past which was later found out to be false. The attorney, thereafter, attended various meetings at the Waldorf, at times with his client, at times without. The lawyer used McCaffrey’s very exquisite suite as a conference room at one point. 


McCaffrey’s position was specifically to recover assets owed to the attorneys’ clientby several individuals in NJ.  What McCaffrey did was regularly solicit the client, outside of the attorneys’ presence, with opportunities to launder large sums of money, and to move assets throughout the world with his outstanding banking connections.  This did not take place.  During this time period, he was able to collect a total of approximately $50,000 from the client. He did nothing in terms of investigating for the amount of money.


McCaffrey bragged regularly of his United Nations contacts.  He showed photos of himself with various UN officials, taken always at fund raising events.  He was attempting to gain credibility and standing with the UN for future business contacts. It came to the attorneys’ attention that McCaffrey is unlicensed in the city or state of NY as an investigator, and has never paid sales tax, income tax to the city of NY or the state of NY.  Also, the attorney alleges he is not sure as to whether the management of the Waldorf was made aware of McCaffrey’s fraudulent business activities.


Once the attorney advised his client to cease any further relations with McCaffrey, he attempted to steer the client to a different lawyer [J. T.  Esq.] who promised a referral fee through use of sham investigation services.  



Be aware of giving any funds to Patrick McCaffrey or Brabham and Associates!! We keep getting more stories on this guy and his conduct!


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