Khalid Muhammad, Alvin Pierce and Peter Dance have been accused of some serious scams and fraud!


This is an article about three men who are  a group of scam artists. Their names are: Peter Dance, Khalid Muhammad and Alvin Pierce -also know as  Al Pire. We start with Peter Dance. He illegally solicited (without proper license and without a prospectus or determining if the victims were accredited) various fraudulent and scam ridden offerings. These were on the behalf of Alvin Pierce who also goes by Al Pire. Khalid Muhammad would bring the victims to Wells Fargo and Bank of America to help out with the scam. They all had their various parts to play.


These three scam artists would make the claim that the victims would be able to buy one million dollar homes for the low price of $40,000.00.  Then they would take title to bank and get 50-70% out in equity.  It NEVER happened.  It was ALL scams.  Peter Dance refuses to talk to any investigators or explain himself.  None of the other scam artists will either.  Alvin Pierce’s phone numbers are 404-583-6760 and 770-912-5414 and 678-327-5983 his email is address is in Stone Mountain GA last seen, 1229 Mill Lake CV.  30088.   Peter Dance is in Yakima Washington and phone is 509-949-1185.  He is a large 400+  pound black man who is known for laughing a lot and talks a great deal of B.S.!  If you, or someone you know has been scammed by these men, we are working on a file for law enforcement. The contact info is:


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