Jerzy Babkowski world trade

Jerzy Babkowski at Base Group
Location Vancouver, Canada Area
Industry Investment Banking
Jerzy Babkowski is a con man.   He runs cons, rips peoples money.  Plays games that is he is a big player in World trade.  He plays off he is connected to USA Government and all sorts of other lies.  Here is one example of the kind of absurd emails sent to one of Jerzy Babkowski’s victims.  He references one of the investigators on the project.  He uses as one email. Stay away from this con man Jerzy Babowski.  If you know him or anyone he is working for please contact us IMMEDIATELY.Hi Jeff – as I said, constrain him a bit – after many delays, the fundings are coming out as China and the families begin fulfilling agreements reached while Obama was here – it is no accident that the Nimitz was here for 4 days – that’s a tip of the iceberg as far as what is about to happen to the financial superstructure – my work here is a small part of what is happening, but is resulting now in major fundings that will allow the Reconstruction Projects to take place worldwide – this is not about me, but our Humanity – one small item that puts things into perspective is the fact that if we do not spend some amount of trillions and install the carbon sinks, the tectonics will create enough new volcanoes spewing gases, and release of the incredible amount of methane in the permafrost melts, to tip the balance and cause an inversion globally – we have a lower bottom layer that is hot, moisture laden, and increasing in sufficient gasses to flip up and the cold top layer at -273 degrees will flash freeze everything on the ground – remember the wooly mammoths frozen in ice still chewing food? – the top layer then drops into the cold (the rebalance of the temporary inversion), and we get a nice white planet for some number of years – I wish to have my daughter and everybody else to live on a blue/green planet instead of a nice white one – the work I have done since we attempted a strong concept for global distribution of goods and a place for incubators of tech, office space, and marketing, is still viable, but requires funding – between environmental technologies we posses that will prevent the next Ice Age to the new systems being put in place for economic re-development, the doors of the Families here and the China government have opened to release massive fundings world wide – I am part of that – I am well protected by National Security and the China Military Commission for this reason, and the Help that is being provided to Uncle is a large part of my efforts here – this work I have been involved in required silence, yes, but that does not mean I forget those that helped me get there – Investigator Jack’s comments are within bounds, but sadly mistaken on intent, development, and deployment – I have to do things by the book in this process or I would have been killed outright here – if the Investigator has indeed been in HK and China, he would understand that – any attempt at defamation will be dealt with quietly by Security, so be careful investigator – all know my background here as I do not hide it – rather, it is the fact that I am transparent and tell people my background so they can decide if they wish to work with me and only here to Help our Humanity get through this time ahead, that I am still alive and allowed to do the work I do at this level – my advice is for Investigator  to cool his jets as he knows not what he proposes yet – you Jeff, will be paid out within the next 10 banking days at this point, and probably sooner if you wish an approximate timeline – I trust I have been sufficiently clear and remember: time changes things and people greatly, so they bear may bear no resemblance to the original – thank you – in Our service – Jerzy

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