This lady says she is a partner of William Summers II and sends you to contact that ask for $60,000.00 to help you get money back that her "Partner" stole!

This lady says she is a partner of W. Summers II and sends you to contact that ask for $60,000.00 to help you get money back that her “Partner” stole!

Ben Rosenstein (AKA JB ROSE) knows that William Summers II is a crook but keeps pushing his deals!

Ben Rosenstein (AKA JB ROSE) knows that W. Summers II is a crook but keeps pushing his deals!

This lawyer is working with William Summers II is getting paid with victims money

This lawyer is working with W. Summers II is getting paid with victims money

Major Press Announcement!  Con man “W. Summers II” referred to as
“B.” (there is a dispute at this moment from using the full name of the person in question.  Soon that will be changed and full information will be back and new articles with more damning information against the con man out), in the rest of the story has captured the coveted con man of the
year spot!  “He beat out a lot of other people,” says investigator Alex
Potts.   He has been involved in numerous scams.  The latest scam works the following way:

1) He cons people that are looking for loans.  How he does that is asking for large, up
front fees.  In one case that is under investigation, the con man had the
funds sent to a lawyer he retained.  The lawyer for this con, Philip J. Reichenthal,
is now under investigation. Philip is out of Homestead Florida.  Address 2350 SE 16th Place.
Phone 954-540-5744 email:  This so called escrow arrangement
is flat out amazing.  If you are a con man and want a lawyer that is willing
to release escrow to your control with little more than a “Its my understanding”
or that to confirm the details required by the deal to release funds is a
simple “I am holding a document that PURPORTS to be cash backed” then this
is your man!   What honest escrow agent would ever do such a thing with
out checking out a damn thing?  In this case, this lawyer lost the victim
over $500,000.00 in Canadian dollars!  The lawyer is now under investigation!
2) The money is then sent to someone that also is a lawyer by the name of
Gerard Legagneur.  He is from GL Esquire Consulting from Miami Floria.
He started the business this year!  Congrats! Company number L15000045800
This is supposed to be a Florida LLC. His fax is 305-675-3776 Email Phone 786-531-9834.  This man is “Purported” to be in bed
with W Summers II.   This man is “Purported” to have let the con man
have the victims money in which he (Gerard) was able to retain some of that money
and put it in his own pocket as did Philip J Reichenthal.
3) B has other people he is working with.  Once a victim is scammed, then
comes in the hero. They promise to rescue you and your money for a large price!   $60,000.00!
This is a slick slick scam!  This woman (Tiara Brooks and her company Creative Genius are LISTED
as a PARTNER of Sumeria!  She then sends you to a contact that says for $60,000.00
which needs to be sent in ASAP,  they will go after the scam artist W Summers II.
Another guy that is coming out as helping “B” is a man named Ben Rosenstein (Aka
JB Rose)  Lives in Chicago phone 310-270-3739 email  We are
getting emails from people that are saying “JB Rose” is trying to bring them into scams
this very week! 

4) There are people saying that the records and files with other lawsuits on
W Summers II is “3 inches thick and that the con man is not licensed in finance
has no FDIC Funds, uses a magic jack and never calls in direct, always through another
party or on Skpe so it is not traceable.  Contracts are described as jokes, poorly
written and not complete.  He continues to change the game and wants more money.  In
the case of this recent victim the con man W Summers the second was able to
con the victim out of another $25,000.00!  W Summers II never gives copies
of the so called “Financial instrument” that is to back up the cash the victim
is to get once that victim is able (never happens) to jump through all the hoops. 
The con man B makes it all sound so easy at first.  Then It becomes a nightmare.  Once
he has your $$ he then says if you threaten him and demand your money back you are
extorting him!  He now lays claim to your money.  This con artist says its like a
“Hotel and if you reserve a Hotel and do not show up you still have to pay”  So the
con man B attempts to convince you that you did not show, he has his fake paper
ready that his lawyer stated “Purports” to show is worth money and since he
has this paper which the con man Bill refuses to show you, that the cash you have
sent him is now his!

For these reasons W (B) Summers II has been voted CON MAN of the year! 
He has been rated as a slick liar, cheat, evil, cunning thief and disgusting con man!

With this report is a mug shot of W Summers the II.  We are offering
a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD for information that leads to the arrest,
conviction and return of money to the victim!  $5000.00 REWARD!   Please contact
the agents and detectives so more information can be adding to the files they
are getting ready to turn over to the FBI and the DOJ.   Con man W Summers II
says the IRS is a fraud and he does not pay them his taxes.  So he rips off victims
and pockets all the cash.  Yes, this sure sounds like a legitimate operation! 
The con man has written agents and told them to get him all the press even the bad
and negative because that will make him more money.   The con man claims he has been
working in Hollywood for 30 years and been in the loan business for the same.

W Summers II is a black man.   One victim says he was arrested several times in
Jackson Mississippi.  Just so happens “B” has a PO Box in that area too!  B was
charged as a fugitive from justice!     He is working with other African Americans to

scam victims out of large amounts of money.  The con will run the victims around and
around in circles putting on more and more demands.  The hope is that the victim will
finally tire and give up.  In this case the files are building and the case is building
and the con man of the year, William Summers II will be arrested and locked up!  If you
know this man and have information on him contact detectives and agents by emailing: or           


About The Equalizer

The Equalizer Group is not a part of or represent itself as a “law-firm”. Nor are we some type of “collection agency”. We are a victim advocacy organization. When a victim comes to us and tells us about their case we spend quite a bit of time investigating and looking into the merits of the matter. We then look into the backgrounds and names of the people who are reported to us or the company they own or represent. By the time we contact the offending party, we have already determined that what they did and how they did it was unjust.