Beware of Joe Stewart and Gordon Building Supply. They are not honest individuals and cannot be trusted!

Joe Stewart along with Gordon Building Supply in Calhoun Georgia has taken an investor out of a large sum of money. $330,000 is the number! That is a lot of money to give and to be bilked out of. This all happened in 2008. Stewart called up the victim with an opportunity of an oil deal that Stewart supposedly obtained trough his Uncle Bill Todd and best friend Bryan MacKenzie.  Both men worked out of Dubai.

Stewart was in seeking an unassuming investor to put in an investment of a $330,000 performance bond to prove to prospective buyers that they had supply, and were legitimate brokers.  After many weeks of research by the victim (who thought was doing due diligence) it was agreed to, that the victim would loan the money to Joe Stewart and the other investors, and share 1/4 of the risk on the condition they signed a legal document that stated “If the bond were lost, stolen, or forfeited for any reason, each would owe the victim their share or $82,500”.  Months after the victim had requested the bond to be returned (after the contract deadline had expired) the $330,000 bond was lost.

 After signing a legal agreement and promising several times to pay back at least $82,500, if not all $330,000, Joe Stewart has only paid back $3,000 in 5 years. In the meantime, he has a very successful company Gordon Building Supply in Calhoun, Georgia that he runs. The victims family has been left totally broke with a special needs son who requires additional financial resources and care.

Please do not so business with Gordon Building Supply and Joe Stewart. Please buy your building products from  trustworthy, honorable business owners elsewhere. Joe Stewart needs to take some accountability for his actions.


About The Equalizer

The Equalizer Group is not a part of or represent itself as a “law-firm”. Nor are we some type of “collection agency”. We are a victim advocacy organization. When a victim comes to us and tells us about their case we spend quite a bit of time investigating and looking into the merits of the matter. We then look into the backgrounds and names of the people who are reported to us or the company they own or represent. By the time we contact the offending party, we have already determined that what they did and how they did it was unjust.