Be aware that Days Inn in Phoenix, Arizona tops the list of hotels NOT to stay at!

Days Inn located in Phoenix, Arizona is making headlines! Unfortunately, it is for all the wrong reasons. You will be lucky if your door has a working lock and you are able to even get a few minutes of sleep. It is in a bad area of town but that is only the beginning.

If you feel tired and ready to sleep you will be awoken by a bunch of loud noise outside. Once the bedbugs bite you will definitely not be sleeping the rest of the night. The beds are infested with bed bugs. The rooms are dirty and below standard. The employees are not one bit helpful. When you bring them a concern they just sit there and laugh. We are putting a high alert that this place should have to be inspected and If I were you I would not pay for a room unless you want the Days Inn special which is a night from hell.


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