I was working one day about 1993 or so and one of my employees came in saying that a tall man was in the office, wanting to talk to me about pepper sprays.  I did not deal with walk in traffic as we had another person who conducted that phase of the business here in Yakima.  I was not sure I was going to even speak to him, but they said he was kind of insistent wanting to speak to the owner.


I went out and shook hands with a man that introduced himself as Dan Gaub.    He said he liked to network with people and businesses in the area.  He told me he noticed we sold pepper sprays and said the company he was involved with also sold them.  He showed me a pepper spray he got from a company called Market America.    I took his pepper spray and smiled.   I said, yes, in fact this was a very good brand and felt it was one of the best in the world.   He seemed surprised but delighted that I felt his pepper spray would be rated so high in my mind.


Dan then asked why I felt that way and I said well, come back to the warehouse with me. We walked back to where some of my employees were working on blister pack machines. These are what take an item and then seal them on to a blister card so one can put them on display for people to sell or market in the retail field.


I led him back to where one of the men was packaging some pepper sprays and asked him to look at what he was putting into the machine. His eyes got wide as he noted that my company was packaging Market America’s product.  Dan exclaimed “You guys are the ones that supply Market America”? I said yes we do. We are the vender for their whole security store.  All orders are placed from me. I said I set this up through a man named Dennis Franks, who used to play foot ball with the Philadelphia Eagles.  If you are a Mark Walberg Fan you might have noticed Mark Walberg plays a character in a movie called “Invincible”. In the movie, Walberg played with a character that played the role of Dennis Franks in the movie based on a true story about the Eagles opening up try outs.


At any rate, Dan Gaub seemed seriously impressed that the person, who supplied the product he was selling, was right in the little community he lived in.  He could simply not believe it. I mean the reality is, what are the odds that a company in North Carolina, had a company in the little town Dan lived in, here in Yakima, making their products for them. He had just happened to walk in the door of that very place. A one in a million chance meeting I would later learn to regret ever happened!


Dan Gaub asked if he could take me to lunch.   Not to sound like I was bragging,  but I was pictured and featured in over 60 publications a month at that time, such as Entrepreneur, Inc, Success, Forbes and many others.   This was used to draw in the agents we developed all over the world to merchandise our products.  This made me a very busy guy and everyone seemed to want to talk to me, take me to lunch or something.   People traveled all over the world to meet me. My time was very very tight, but I saw something in Dan that prompted me to take him up on his offer.  We wound up having a number of meetings, lunches and such.


As time passed, Dan Gaub made more and more drop in visits to the office.  He would tell his stories, including explaining his background.  He shared that he had been a Christian rock star basically, along with being a Vice President of Ken Gaub Ministries.   He then told me how his father was on a flight in first class one day.   He said that His father was United Airlines number one frequent flier. This may in fact be true.  I do not know the certainty of the matter.    At any rate, his father was on a flight when he bumped into the man named “Clark”. “Clark” apparently was a “billionaire” and wrote a financial news letter.  Clark was supposedly smitten with Ken Gaub and his work as a minister.  (According to Dan, as we now know Clark was a fictitious person that never existed).


Supposedly, Ken Gaub explained to “Clark” about his son Dan and asked for Clark’s information so he could pass it on to Dan.   Clark supposedly gave it to Ken, and he then passed it on to Dan. At least this was the story Dan told.   But the truth of the matter is that not a word of that story was true.


Dan began to come in to the office more and we would sit and chat about how Clark was becoming very important in Dan’s life. Clark was giving Dan stock advice and Dan, now a major player at Market America was taking all of his wild crazy checks he was getting each month (we discovered this was not true also) and putting them into the stock market.   I had told Dan many times about my stocks and it appeared he wanted to show me he was getting bigger than me.   I have since learned, even at Dan’s funeral eulogy that Dan was very competitive. Dan would say I have made over a million dollars with my stock portfolio.   Then he was at two, then five, then ten and before long, it was tens upon tens of millions.   I trusted this was true as I was well aware of Ken Gaub Ministries.  Dan was always talking about his father and how he would and I quote “Never shame his father’s ministry”. Years started to pass.


As time progressed, Dan’s stock portfolio SURGED to over a hundred million. Under NORMAL circumstances, I would never believe this line of BS.   Having said that, Dan was a DYNAMIC person, his father was, and with the fact that this ministry had been in this valley for as long as I could recall, I felt why would he lie?   What would be his motive?   Dan started telling me about real-estate investments he made.  That his friend Clark had deals I could get into if I wanted. That is a long story, but the bottom line is, I decided to put some funds in.   I was told Clark liked to deal in cash and I made a number of investments with Dan in cash, as Dan would ask many times if I could get him cash.   Some checks, some wires. Dan was now owner in all sorts of real estate, storage units in California and a 1/3 owner in Camino Island Coffee.  BTW, as a side note, we have come to understand Dan Gaub was a gambler, big time.   I think the cash went to feed this gambling habit. Not any of the holdings were real. All in Dan’s mind.


Even my development in Benton County, Dan Gaub conned himself into having his name on, so he could INSURE when the profits came back from the incredibly hard work I did, he would pocket it, not me. To this day, Dawndee Gaub Johnston directs at the victim’s expense her lawyers, we all pay for, to continue the quest to go after me and the man that had the development, even though the lots were lost to foreclosure. Not a dime checking into Jourdan Gaub, her own son and the two million he got. Dawndee Gaub Johnston actually continues to weld her power. At least for now and to the glee of those incredibly expensive lawyers        (Sean Flynn and Patrick Vane) she hired for the victims to pay all the freight on. They do her bidding and get paid well for it!!


One day as we were talking, I asked Dan if he was familiar with FX trading.   He knew nothing of it.   I explained what I knew of it and about a man I knew in NY named Robert Pecord.   Dan seemed very interested.   I explained that I had invested with him.


As I have put things together, I believe this is where Dan developed his whole scam in the FX trading scheme. You see, to that date, he had gotten people into “Clark’s” so called real-estate fund that paid about 8-9% a year.  Dan had conned me into other investments too.  The BIG scam was born the day I told Dan about Robert Pecord. I have beat myself up over that, but in the end, as many people have told me, if he had not found Robert Pecord, or FX, it would have been something else as he had developed his fake friend “Clark” already and was getting people to give him money for those fake investments. From here there is some speculation, but clearly the evidence shows that Dan then gets on the horn with brother Nathan.   He gives Pecord’s contact information to Nathan and Nathan calls Pecord.


Now, in the depositions, when asked about investing in FX in NY in 2006, Nathan played very ignorant. The notes are clear about this.  Nathan proclaimed he ONLY invested with “brokerage firms”.   I then ask, because I already knew, Nathan did you not lose a great deal of money with a man in NY that you gave funds to trade for you?   Nathan sits and thinks for a moment, as if he is not sure, with that instant recall memory he claimed at the start of the depositions he had.  Then he says “I believe I did”.   Like this is some long forgot memory.   What Nathan does not know, is we know from Nathans own words in writing, it is not some long forgot memory and he had discussed it rather recently. I ask what is the man’s name?   Nathan again looks confused and says, I just do not recall.   I ask him if the man’s name was “Robert Pecord”.  Nathan again sits, thinks, ponders and then proclaims, that “sounds familiar”.   This is important because later in the deposition, all of a sudden, Nathan and Pecord are close friends, doing all sorts of things back and forth.  Nathan claims under oath a Pastor friend of his is still doing trading with Robert Pecord.  This cannot be true as Pecord was running a scam. Pecord was put out of business.    This all just does not add up, with pretending to not know who Pecord was, what his name was or anything else early in the questions.  Nathan Gaub was hoping I did not know the facts and chose to simply lie about his knowledge of Robert Pecord and the so called losses that Nathan Gaub had claimed to have lost to him.


OK, by this time now,  Nathan has admitted that in 2006, he lost a “good portion” of his money to what we now know was a FX ponzi scam run by Robert Pecord.


By this time however, Nathan we believe, had contacted his brother Dan and said I have the golden grail!  I am coming back to Yakima and we are GOING TO GET RICH, SERIOUSLY RICH!   And the rest is HISTORY!


I will fast forward now to Dan’s death.  I was working away at my desk on the computer and the phone rang.  The voice on the line says, “that was not your friend Dan that was killed today was it”?   I said WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!! She went on to tell me she heard on a face book alert Dan Gaub was killed in an accident.   I said I have to go and rushed to find out more information. By the time this call came in, I had known Dan a great many years and a great deal of history has passed. Trips here and there together, Middle East, Arizona and many dinners, lunch, get together’s and such. I considered Dan and Dawndee very close to me. Especially Dan Gaub himself. I considered Dan Gaub much closer to me than my own brother by a long shot!


Upon learning this seemed to be the case, he had been killed; I broke into tears and rushed to call friends and my parents to come over.  By this time I was literally in a corner of my house, crying in disbelief.   It took a few days to get out of bed as I fell into depression that my dear friend had been killed.   Why did God allow it? I had spoken with Becky and others trying to find out when the funeral would be.   No one could tell me anything.  Becky was amazingly calm and I have to tell you, neither I nor anyone I have spoke to has seen one tear, from one Gaub.    At the funeral, the Gaubs were laughing,  giddy, to the point it disturbed some people.   A whole other story for another day is that we believe the evidence is clear, that the Gaubs were well aware that Dan Gaub was going to kill himself and why.   The evidence shows there was no shock from any of them when it happened and even Ken Gaub refused to stop his already planned trip to talk at a church and sell more books.  I certainly think any church, group, or whoever, would have understand if Ken canceled.     In his deposition, he said Barb told him to not cancel and go just the day after his Son was supposedly killed in a freak accident.   Who does this?  Ken is the Patriarch of the family.   His son was just killed.  The family is supposedly hurting, but instead of offering comfort, counsel and a shoulder to cry on for his other children, grandchildren, mother of the son, Ken’s own wife and the wife of the deceased, Ken says I have books to sell, catch you all later.   The rest of the family is doing equally bizarre things that surpass ever Ken’s absurd conduct and actions.


I had a very important trip to Salt Lake booked and I really could not get out of it. I decided there was nothing I could do for anyone and frankly just wanted to GET OUT OF TOWN.   Get my mind off this horrific event.  I was able to get out of bed by now, after two days of depression over it all and still no one would tell us when the funeral would be.   So I packed up and left.


As I sat getting ready for my trip to Salt Lake in Seattle area, my cell rang and it was Dawndee Gaub.  She sounded rather rushed and wanted to know if I knew how to reach “Clark” or Dan’s lawyer “Terry”.  I said no, please tell me you do. She said she had tried to find information, but there was nothing she could find. I said listen, there is no problem here, I have heard Dan call Clark many times from my office or take calls from him and his number would be in his cell. (BTW, as a side note, I have since learned there is a program that has as an application one can get, that will make your phone ring while with someone else.   It can make it look like anyone is calling you, so when these phone calls would come in at my office, and it would appear as if Dan was grabbing a call from Clark or Terry, it was all orchestrated by Dan Gaub to fool me into thinking he was speaking with his lawyer and investment adviser)    I said we both have AT&T so I know how it all works and we both have I-Phones.   Dawndee said she had looked and could find nothing.  OK, so I start getting a little concerned but said, well, I am sure perhaps he erased this information from his phone so no one could get important contacts of his if he lost his phone.   Just call AT&T and you can get any deleted information from them and they will certainly have it all I said with a smile.


Dawndee’s next words sent a chill up my spin, that only someone with the kind of background in my field would know what it meant.  She said, I did contact AT&T, they have no records that trace back to anyone named Clark or Terry.   I was floored.   I felt like I was going to pass out for a moment.   Over a half million of my own money, my parents money, friends of mine, we all had money with Dan.  If Clark and Terry do not exist, then the whole thing is a scam.  Why?  The WHOLE SCAM centered around these two figures!   The fact that AT&T had no record of the text, the calls, messages, incoming or out meant only ONE THING! Clark and Terry were figments of Dan’s imagination and were used to con and fool us all! We all had been taken! I could not let on to Dawndee that I knew what this meant.


As I look back now over facts, she was calling with others listening to show she was trying to track them down, but I know she knew they were fake already.   Be that as it may, I did not know any of that at the time and wanted to act like when I got back from my trip, we could check it all out and deal with it.   I said good bye and do not worry and flew out.   I got to my meeting and told folks there I had a major emergency to deal with and would have to ask them to please work with me and lets cram as much as we can and allow me to fly back earlier.   My mind was in a whirl.   (BTW, the fact Clark and Terry are not real should have concerned the Gaubs a GREAT DEAL! To this day, it never has! They still actually act as if that means nothing and Dan is still an honest businessman. I mean again, that tells me they were all part of the scam or that alone would have shown them he was running a scam and they would come forward and explain that. That fact along with the tons of other solid facts that show Dan was running a scam still has ALL Gaubs saying there is nothing that shows us anything is wrong, all an honest investment Nathan and Ken say in depositions and the rest of the Gaubs have crowed to anyone that will listen the same).


I jumped on the plane and rushed back. I called the FBI and told them I had some information about a Dan Gaub.   They already had other calls, but had not actually acted yet.     They said can you come in NOW!?!  I said sure and went down.   I will not cover much more on those facts from here, but will say once they established who I was,  my background,  noted as I showed them my company was on the pages of Forbes as a expert in scams, they listened to every word and then asked me if I would wire up and I did.   This experience started me on the road to investigate and determine what I do know.


BTW, one would think, if you were a Gaub and you were TRULY an innocent victim, had lost your money also, as Nathan and Ken Gaub claim, had your lives turned upside down, would you not want to know the truth, UNLESS you knew it already? I have said this over and over again. This point cannot be lost!


One short lawyer story first and I think you will get my point. A home town lawyer was representing a client accused of murdering his wife. The man accused said he had nothing to do with her disappearance and even had convinced his lawyer that he might just be innocent.


Now circumstantial evidence certainly made the man look like a suspect, but the ole lawyer decided he would try to convince the jury of some reasonable doubt. As he spun his story, about how the woman may not even be dead, there was no body, he then turned to the jury and said, let’s face it, you all are not sure she is even dead!   In fact, I want to call as my next witness for the defense, a surprise witness no one knows about, not even my client! I will now call the woman in question you all think is dead!   She will be coming through those doors in 30 seconds he roared!   The jury, the people in the court room, even the Judge looked intent at the door.  The 30 seconds went by, 45, then 60. The Judge said OK, what’s your point here Counselor.   The Lawyer then smiled; let’s admit he said, “You all have reasonable doubt that the woman is even dead”. If you were so sure that this woman was dead and that my client was guilty, you would not have looked to see if she would walk in through those doors, would you?  The jury left came back 20 minutes later with a guilty verdict. The ole Lawyer was shocked and in this setting of mind, you would certainly question the jury. The lawyer said, “my gosh, certainly you all had reasonable doubt, I saw you look at the door!   You thought she was coming in, everyone looked! They smiled back and said, “you are correct Counselor, everyone did look at the door, except one person, YOUR CLIENT!   He knew she was not coming through that door. Only someone that knew that would not bother to even turn around to take a peek”!


The point of my story is simple.   The Gaubs have not spent anymore time trying to find out the truth about Dan Gaub,  then OJ spent looking for the killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman as he promised and gave his word he would do for the rest of his life. The reality was, OJ never spent two seconds looking? Why? He saw the killer every morning in the mirror when he brushed his teeth! The Gaubs know what the facts and truth are.   If not, they would have been the FIRST to my door to say, what have you learned?   I mean Dawndee and Jourdan Gaub came to my home one time after the funeral, thinking I could help them out. They needed supporters bad!  I think they were able to see I was not in their corner on Dan as the innocent man that had an accident on his motorcycle.  No way.   They were taking over the cons now.   From that day forward, not only do the Gaubs claim they think Dan is innocent,  they base it on the simple fact they have not seen anything that shows them different.   Does anyone buy that?   I am sure they have checked everything out.   Crawling through every crack and attic looking for money, facts, evidence that might help Dan or their own-selves.  There is nothing to find and now they fall back on, Golly Gee, we KNOW NOTHING, we KNOW NOTHING!   This is just like ol Sargent Schultz on an old Hogan’s hero re-run, “I KNOW NOTHING!”

I mean lets be very frank for a moment, over the years, when ever there was a serious problem, the Gaubs got a hold of me.   In depositions, when Ken had serious problems such as the private Jet fiasco, he called me he admitted.   Dan did the same always and they all knew this.   Jourdan has come to the home with his business partner to get advice about their business.   I had no idea at the time, Jourdan’s business was being financed with our money.   Would you not ALL just go to me, the hard core investigator and say, please, would you just tell us what you have found out.    Can we put our differences aside and share some information so we can ALL get to the truth! At least ASK for the love of God?   Not one of them has.   Instead, they fall back on telling people we have personally saw nothing that shows Dan did anything wrong.   Really?  I mean REALLY?   Let’s face it, they are part of the scam, or personally CHOOSE not to even lift one finger, to examine one fact.   You do that for one of only two reasons in life, you already know the facts, as the lawyers murder suspect client, or OJ Simpson did, as you were part of them or seriously do not want to know the facts, so you can just live in blissful ignorance.   Either way, let’s face it, that is horrific!   After my investigation, for what it is worth, I am 100% certain that Dawndee, Ken and Nathan Gaub were part of the scam.  Others were accomplishes in many different forms and fashions.


Next, I would like to cover what we do know as fact:


1.            Dan Gaub was legally the Vice President of Ken Gaub Ministries. Per the provided exhibit’s and entered by the court reporter. In the state of Washington, Dan Gaub is listed as the Vice President.   In other data, entered and provided, Dan Gaub is listed with the Better Business Bureau as the Vice President.   He was introduced countless times at Ken Gaub fund raisers as the Vice President. Dan Gaub would speak at these fund raisers and convince people like myself to give! Further, we have lined up, prepared to testify, witnesses that will in fact point directly at  Ken Gaub, as the head of the ministry, and that Dan Gaub would state he was Vice President of, in order to gain the confidence of victims to release their funds into the hands of Dan Gaub.


2.    Dan Gaub was not licensed, gave no prospectus and never bothered at any time to determine if the potential client/victim was an accredited investor. All of this as required by federal and state law with the SEC as head of that division.


3.    In addition to the above fact,  when asked under oath, once we finally established to Ken Gaubs satisfaction (as if he did not know) , that Dan Gaub was in fact the Vice President of Ken Gaub Ministries and used that ministry as trolling grounds for victims, if he, Ken,  felt any liability, he indicated “yes”.   He then stated “I am the owner”.   To be frank, I was surprised at this admission and said “Thank you for your honesty”.


2.     As to Ken Gaub and Ken Gaub Ministries, Ken Gaub has acknowledged that Dan Gaub was in fact an officer, and part of their advisory board.   Dan Gaub would herald this fact along with the fact that he was also an ordained Pastor of this organization.   He used his position and power as an officer and member of the board of Ken Gaub Ministries to gain the confidence of unsuspecting individuals, like myself, my parents and friends to invest with him.   Not only was this a driving factor in my consideration to both invest with Dan Gaub, to my great detriment, but I put thousands into Ken Gaub ministries personally as donations for his work.   Further, I have suffered embarrassment, humiliation and mental distress, causing me literally great physical anguish as a direct connection to Ken Gaub Ministries participation in the furtherance of Dan Gaub and his ability to be able to inflict this loss and pain to my person and family.


4.    Ken Gaub indicated that he did not fill out his own answers to I&RFP.   Did not recall signing it.  Indicated that in fact Barb Gaub, throws things in front of him and says “sign it” and he does.


5.   Ken then stated he got a doctorate degree from Florida, but did not even remember the “university” he got it from.   He further went on to state it was accredited and had academic standing.  That statement is not true. It is not and it actually says it’s not accredited on their own web site.   They do not have recognized academic standing.  Ken went on to say, when asked if this was misleading, that he tells people not to introduce him as Doctor as it is honorary.


6.   Well, in his own materials, he says nothing about it being honorary.   I mean Ken Gaub gives this material out to people, then acts surprised when they introduce him as “Dr. Ken Gaub”.   He says “sometimes they slip up”. They slip up?   He gives this to them and this is what they use.   Ken Gaub is then asked about being a “professor”.   When I asked him what it said on his resume, he said “teacher”   He is told, “that is not what it says, read what it says”. Then Ken sheepishly states, “professor”.


7.   Ken Gaub has lived a life of misleading people. He makes up titles and positions of importance that simply are not true, do not exist. This from places where he supposedly went to school.   When asked under oath, he could not even recall what school his “degree” was from.


8.   On a recent U-tube presentation at a lighthouse church Ken proclaims “I check everything out closely”.   I think he does.   Then when pressed about his son and this scam, he puts on his I am just a shuffling ole half baked country boy that ain’t that wise.   It’s not going to fly.    Ken is sharp.   This idea Barb is now just doing it all, tossing things in front of him and he signs it, just another act.


9.        Nathan and Dan Gaub watched their dad growing up. He made up stories of raising people to life, healing the crippled and getting personal calls from pay phones as he walked down the street miles and miles from his home from people getting ready to commit suicide claiming God gave them the number of the phone booth Ken Gaub just happened to be walking past.   Ken would then of course in the book, or as he tells the story to live audiences, be perplexed and surprised. Yet he was being used of God to talk the person down from their suicide attempt.  These stories and many other stories helped to sell a GREAT deal of books and get a GREAT DEAL of what is called “love offerings” for their traveling across the country on speaking appointments.   Ken has brought in millions this way. I asked him about the story of an “angel” that approached him and told him that millions would flow his way because he had been faithful and was a good man.
Ken said it did happen when he was 12 years old.   That his parents told him he was dreaming. Perhaps he should have listened. The story takes place in the book when Ken is a grown man, with a son that is grown to age, Nathan Gaub. Nathan and Dan knew these stories were false. They knew their father made up stories, made up people and made a LOT of PROFIT from doing so. They decided to do the same and the evidence, the facts and the testimony is rock solid that Dan and Nathan Gaub grabbed the torch and ran with it. They created fake people, fake investments, fake facts and all sorts of lies that caused the financial ruin of hundreds and hundreds of people. Perhaps thousands if you count those that paid thousands to get the “secrets” that Dan and Nathan proclaimed to have in teaching FX.


10.                  These people believed in them and that they also could “quit” their jobs and “retire” just as Dan and Nathan have proclaimed in writing, seminars and even on live radio that they were able to do.


11.                 The fact however is, these secret strategies evidence will show, did not create people’s ability to quite jobs, but helped to cause the loss of all of their money in many cases!   BTW, Nathan claims under oath, that he never heard of “Clark or Terry” until after Dan’s death. That is a lie and I have witnesses that will testify that Nathan Gaub was present at times that Dan Gaub would talk of these people “Clark and Terry”. Would nod and say he met them and they were great people. I mean that is clear and Nathan is just simply again playing ignorant!


12.    Bottom line is this with Ken Gaub.    We think we can show that funds flowed to Ken Gaub Ministries through the fake Star Five Foundation.





Nathan Gaub is one of the biggest driving factors of the Dan Gaub scam. Without Nathan Gaub, many do not think at least the FX trading Robot scam would have been conceived and people would not have lost their shirts in it.   Further, this so-called crazy mentoring and FX training club, organization or whatever we want to call it, also would not have been born.   We think the evidence is clear that Nathan Gaub was an owner.   To this day, the man who claims he was just some lowly web man in the back of the bus is doing the SAME THING!   I mean give me a break!    He wants us to buy that while Dan was alive, he was just shuffling around, doing web work only, BUT, now that Dan is dead, who is the man that is the OWNER, at the helm? Nathan Gaub! Why he did not want his name on the company, corporate paper work at Gaub FX, who knows!   He did not have the house in his name either.  Perhaps Nathan had bad credit, had creditors after him, and owed the mob money, who knows!


For the sake of an analogy, let’s say Dan and Nathan have a 7-11 store. Things go bad, real bad. Dan jumps on his bike and is mysteriously killed. Nathan says, “Hey just a minute now, I only make the Slurpee’s and hot dogs! I promised my younger brother Dan, I would help him build himself up and give him all the glory and ALL the money! I mean come on! Give me a break!   In the final end of it, right after Dan’s death, in this analogy, we ask well what are you doing now Nathan? Well he proudly exclaims, I own a 7-11 now! Come on, Nathan is just some dude, doing all the grunt work so his little brother can be the shinning man of light. No, Nathan was more like a Moses, CERTAINLY NOT MOSES, but like one. Not the dynamic talker. Aaron was the talker and Moses knew he needed Aaron. Nathan KNEW he needed Dan. Dan was a brilliant and Nathan had to have him be the man that got the light, for whatever the reason. Now that Dan is gone, Nathan jumps into what he knows best, being the OWNER of the Gaub FX machine and that he is!  Lets again go over what we do know as fact about Nathan Gaub:



1.            In Nathans depositions, he made it clear that he had a LinkedIn site. That he was the one that controlled it at FIRST.   As I lay out exhibits on his most recent LinkedIn pages, he agrees he made them.   I get him to commit to what he did and that he made the changes to the pages.  I ask Nathan about Jeff Mondor.  Nathan was very fuzzy about this.   Jeff Mondor he then claims under oath was actually a client of Dan’s.   Not Nathans.   At no time I ask, “at no time” Nathan proclaims.   I ask Nathan if he had been hired as a “financial adviser” he states no.   I then show him his own web page on LinkedIn and it clearly showed that Jeff Mondor hired Nathan Gaub as financial adviser. Nathan says the man was confused.    I believe we are going to show such inconsistency with the Jeff Mondor man, along with Nathan Gaub,   that the connection will be that Nathan Gaub wrote the praise about Nathan and Dan Gaub, attributed to Jeff Mondor. Perhaps Nathan conned Mondor into helping him.    However, Nathan needed some strokes of praise. He made one that clearly is written by someone intending to promote and advertise the services that Nathan Gaub wants people to engage with him on. Nathan says under oath, in depositions he does not know Jeff Mondor, never met him, yet in his LinkedIn page Jeff claims to have hired Nathan as a financial adviser and Nathan in his written I&RFP proclaims in no uncertain terms, “JEFF WAS NATHANS CLIENT”.


2.             I then put the one page from LinkedIn, with the page, which proclaims that he, NATHAN GAUB is the OWNER of Gaub FX. Nathan grows red in the face, is clearly and visibly nervous.   He says someone else must have done this. Then it’s another man that he knows.   It was put up as promotions that someone else was going to create back-links.   Nathan grows wild.   He then attempts to thrown Dawndee Gaub under the bus and it becomes rather weird at this point. Dawndee Gaub has maintained she had nothing, and I do mean NOTHING to do with Dan Gaub’s business.   She further claims she was so distraught and Ken touches on this in his testimony, that she attempted to raise Dan Gaub up from the dead on the third day like Jesus Christ himself.   Despite this all, apparently Dawndee Gaub was so concerned right after Dan’s death, that she basically COMMANDED Nathan Gaub to become owner of Gaub FX.   Why?   Well, people would start charge backs and Nathan being pictured as the owner would of course calm the crowds and prevent massive charge backs from taking place. This is now the reason Nathan Gaub claims under oath he put himself down as the owner. One has to stretch their imagination a great deal to buy into this strange, crazy and very absurd explanation.   Dawndee Gaub, who just lost her husband, who claims she knew nothing about Dan’s business, is now the Captain, fully aware of how the business ran, that she knows of charge backs and how the cash flow works.   She is now barking commands to Nathan that he MUST take over as OWNER of GAUB FX!   I mean come on folks, REALLY? Nathan when caught with his pants down tries to do damage control.   In the end however, it just plain makes him look desperate, not credible and one that will say anything to attempt to do damage control when confronted with undeniable facts. This is classic narcissistic personality traits. At best, what Nathan Gaub is saying, if asked for by another Gaub, to lie, make up false and misleading data or information to post on the net, he was willing to do it, even if it was false and clearly misleading.   At least according to Nathan.   I mean let’s be honest, we do not buy any of this rubbish, but if we were to allow this line of BS to even be considered,  Nathan has to concede he would knowingly and wantingly,  at the request of other Gaubs, posted false, misleading data to help cover things up.   His own words under oath, in the depositions, makes this clear.  How do we know this, because Nathan Gaub says so, under oath in his depositions.  That he was not the owner, but Dawndee Gaub demands he say he was to help calm the crowds and he is willing to go along with this deception and willingly mislead and lie to people to save money from being lost.   Nathan Gaubs words! 


Nathan Gaub suggests that he could not be the owner because he was paid so little.   When asked about Dan and him paying in cash back and forth, he says not on his wages if he was an owner of Gaub FX.  Certainly not on any work done for Gaub FX.   Why? Well he claims that it is clear, as Dan Gaub would need to not pay in cash, as he was taking all of this as important tax deductions. The major, MAJOR problem with this unreal explanation is that Dan Gaub was filing NO tax returns.   He needed no tax deductions.   Nathan is aware of this issue BIG TIME as it comes up over and over again in the estate.


According to Nathan, if we believe him, Nathan desires to live in blissful ignorance along with Ken Gaub of any of the real facts about the truth of what happened.   Why one must ask?   Well, one really must look no further than OJ Simpson.   He bought a dream team and got away with murder.  I explained this to Nathan about why many folks do not think the justice system either works, or in the least, is not fair.   That those with money and power buy justice, while the poor suffer falsely or no justice at times.


Nathan clearly admits under oath that he has given out advice, orally, in writing and often that people should not put all of their eggs in one basket. Then he does it with his brother, who he claims to have a high level of trust.   His brother put him onto Pecord, and Nathan in his own words when I asked him about getting wiped out three times, said “that is a fair statement”. Nathan over and over again puts all of his eggs in ONE BASKET!! Nathan Gaub now claims he teaches school kids economics.   RUN!  That is scary!


3.            Nathan knew that Pecord’s investment was a FX robot!  Nathan Gaub lost his money in that scam, that Panama was FX, that he, Nathan Gaub lost his money in that too. At no time does Nathan learn from this or even more important, WARN OTHERS!   NO!   He actually then goes and promotes this scam to others.   We feel we can PROVE that!!!   An interesting fact is that Nathan claims that Robert Pecord links to Nathans account and trades for him. The VERY thing that Nathan Gaub now claims under oath he is doing for others. Nathan has LEARNED NOTHING! By now Nathan knows Dan Gaub was sinking! Dan has told some folks on one side he cannot get the money out.   Interestingly enough, while Dan Gaub has people calling,  begging for their money and Dawdee Gaub Johnston is telling people, “Dan cannot give you what he does not have” on one side of the table, there are people totally ignorant of this fact.   Up until at least two weeks before his death, Dan and Dawndee both are desperately attempting to get more money from victims that have no idea what they are telling the other folks that are already invested!   We know as fact BOTH Dan and Dawndee Gaub are BOTH telling victims to give their money to them.  It’s safe, no worries, while they KNOW they are broke and supposedly cannot get the money from the overseas investments out.   There is and never was any overseas investments we know now, but Dan and Dawndee Gaub are working both sides of the table hard and heavy!


While Dan and Dawndee are broke, can’t pay their taxes, state and federal liens attaching to their home they bought with other victims money, they are with smiles on their faces, along with Nathan, telling folks invest, Invest, INVEST!   Your money is safe,   will earn you as in some victims sworn testimony, “4% per month guaranteed”! Per Nathan Gaub’s promise.


Some other things that are clear is that one of the victims is ready, prepared and willing to testify under oath, that it was Nathan Gaub that came to him. Approached him and invited him to lunch.   This at a time that the ship was SINKING!   Dan was about out of money, if not actually out of money.   Things were tight.   Dan had just paid up the life policy.   Plans are in action it appears:  get money or Dan Gaub will kill himself.   Nathan tells Lance he will and I quote from testimony given to the FBI, “you will receive 4% per month guaranteed”.   Nathan explained that he, Nathan invested. Nathan likes to tell people he invested all his money too.    In other words, it’s safe by gosh or I would not have put all of my money in it!   We think the evidence is that there is NO evidence, NONE, not one shred that Nathan Gaub put a dime with his brother. I mean that is what we do know. Well, other than Nathans word he did.   Nathan is saying this all, knowing that he, Nathan is not a licensed financial adviser, that he gives no prospectus, that most of the victims are not accredited investors. This is all the money some victims had and Nathan is aware of it. Nathan has told a number of victims he put $300,000.00 with his brother to invest.  When pressed under oath, it drops to $30,000.00.  When pressed for proof he put a dime with his brother Dan, Nathan Gaub is not able to provide one shred of proof of anything!  Claims he gave the 30K in cash to his brother.  Cash all the time goes back and forth according to Nathan Gaub.



We believe that Nathan did get paid from Dan in cash, to take his time to find victims. The evidence is clear; Nathan and Dan do large amounts of cash back and forth according to Nathan Gaub himself. Nathan’s proclamation now however that the cash payments stopped, as Dan needed those nasty ole tax write offs, as stated before we know that is a lie. Dan filed no tax returns. We think this may be the case with Nathan who claims he has lost his tax returns from a burglary.  Since 2013 happened after wards, his explanation to not give 2013 tax returns, I have not yet filed them. Humm, really? I think as this progresses, evidence will show Nathan Gaub was not filing taxes either. There was no break in, neither were there men coming out to his house, that Nathan Gaub claims under oath I sent, then states under oath in his deposition that he did not say I sent.   This again, is more made up garbage that people on the net started to refer to as “GAUBage”.  Nathan cannot keep his stories straight.   These are not gray areas, but downright flat out lies, which qualifies as perjured testimony! The evidence is crystal clear on that, PERIOD!


THE “WERE RELEASING KINGS” article. This is powerful evidence!!   While Nathan states under oath he was approached about doing the article, he later states he did not know it was an interview. Then says he never even knew they would actually print something and put it up. That is not believable at all.


The Gaubs have proudly touted every little bit of publicity they could grab. When you read it, it goes over how you can reach Nathan, ask how he can help you.   It is clear, this is an interview, and it is made to help Nathan in his FX efforts.   Nathan discounts the whole article and says it’s all false, if you recall as I asked him about each paragraph.   Apparently,  this Christian man, only interested in doing articles to help other Christians,  Nathan is going to treat like he is some slime ball reporter,  going after poor celebrity Nathan,  writing an article, Nathan knew nothing about,  did not approve and got all the facts completely false,  but admits under oath,  he did nothing to try to correct.   This while also admitting under oath he has tried to correct anything and everything else said on the net he found,  in his words, to not be true.   This is an interesting fact, because the reality is that Nathan was behind the article and while again, saying the man came to Dan about doing an article, in the end, it’s about Nathan.   The LinkedIn site, not about Dan the Owner, it’s about NATHAN the owner.   All of this amazingly disappears after Dan’s death, but Nathan did not know I made copies first.


What is AMAZING and I do mean AMAZING is that Nathan thinks we are all so stupid. LinkedIn, why he did it all. Then when caught with him as owner on it of Gaub FX, why another man did it. Oh, then it was Nathan, but Dawndee Gaub demanded right after Dan died for him to. Raising Kings, why it was a man that tricked poor Nathan and he did not know it was an article, but knew it was an interview when they got together. Did not know it was posted, then did, but everything in it is a lie. Did not bother to correct it, but admits he tries hard to correct everything on the net that is not correct about him in other post. Met with a man that is named “Lee” once, then when caught in lies about how his IP shows up, not “Lee’s”, its many times “Lee” came by, then people in his drive way must have done it, then hundreds that come to trade, this just goes on and On and ON and ON with lies, more lies, misunderstandings and Nathan Gaub thinks we will all just say, well done! You have cleared it all up Nathan and it makes sense now. I mean come on! This is lies and perjury.




Nathan has clearly, not a Grey area, perjured himself.  PERIOD!  Nathan has been connected as the owner of the GAUB FX scam!



Nathan will attempt to pretend, he is just the janitor or web guy or some lowly dude sitting in the back of the bus.  The evidence does not back it.  Nathan locks himself in as the owner and let’s face it, what does Nathan do today, OWNER of a Gaub run FX program.   Nathan has bragged he has in his new Gaub FX program, 1800 members, and $6000.00 a year training cost. For something Nathan also says in writing and I have it, “there is NO MAGIC SYSTEM, just careful trading”. Well then why do they need Nathan?   To train them how to be careful!  A man by his own sworn testimony said that “it was a fair statement” that he has been wiped out THREE times over the year(s) with FX!   This is the man that they will pay $6000.00 a year to train them on the, how to be careful train!?!  I would never buy a ticket on that train, honestly would you? Nathan now claims in a recent article he trains children economics in high school.


When you get on Nathan’s web site, you are told if all lines are busy, leave a message/work with a team/ all sorts of praise like ole Jeff Mondor from China did for Nathan, as his financial adviser, which Nathan says he was not; who is Nathan’s clients under oath, then is not. These people just give names like Teresa, Dan O, Arthur F, Clive! Raving praise. We cannot find one of them!


Why, you can get all of this amazing training Nathan Gaub now offers, for only $7997.00! YES SIREE, only about $8000.00 dollars will set you on the road, with a man that says and I quote “There is no magic system, only careful trading” who has been wiped out THREE TIMES in various FX trading scams in the last six years!  His own words!   I say, where I sign up! Every piece of evidence shows Nathan Gaub, the older brother was the owner of Gaub FX, from the LinkedIn article, to raising Kings article. Nathan is the man with the “instant recall memory”. The whiz kid that could say 100 memory verses with references at four years old. As the dust settles, Nathan Gaub is in fact the owner of the same kind of operation and under oath; he says he is trading other people’s money!!! HELLO!?!? People link their accounts to Nathan and as Nathan trades his own account, it executes trades for other people. Nathan has swore to many people he would never trade other people’s accounts, but clearly is!!!! I mean my gosh, after this amazing scam, Nathan Gaub is like a duck, that goes right back to the water!



The Gaubs cannot figure out why we the victims are upset.   We all got scammed, lied to and led to the slaughter by a family we trusted.   After this raping,  Dawndee Gaub Johnston steps up and says, hey I got this one folks, I will be the PR.  With dozens and dozens of sworn statements from victims asking her not to and begging her to step down as the PR, the person to continue to look after their money.  She ignores this request, says I could care less what the victims want and starts raping the victims again! Slowly taking away what is left of their money so that other Gaubs can belly up to the table and force the victims to spend thousands so they can get a stupid broke down car, lap tops, note books and more goodies.


Nathan Gaub, through Dawndee’s approval get tens of thousands spent to help him with his Chase Bank problem.   Says at one point he contacted Patrick Vane and told him to get the cost together as he would like to pay that so the victims are whole. Then when we pressed and we made a note of it, he spins around with I will do what the Judge says is fair.   REALLY?   What the Judge says is fair?   I mean really Nathan?   I thought you cared about the victims, yet are ok with them paying all of your freight against their will and if the Judge does nothing about it, you are OK with that?   What the Judge says is fair Nathan or what the victims say is fair.   How about Ken’s own claim he has TEN cars! Some victims WIPED OUT have no car!   Where is that “Love for souls” Ken Gaub puts on all of his letters sent out to folks?   Ken admits he has not lifted ONE FINGER to help any victims! Prayed with some he says. Then the Gaubs sit in bewildered wonderment at our frustration, anger and concern over all of this. Do they try to help?   NO way, they have refused on any level.   Now the Gaubs are refusing to admit that this was a scam.   If they did,   then Dawndee would have to take ownership of all the legal cost and pay the taxes and penalties owed by Dan and Dawndee Gaub.


Instead,  by saying and sticking with as Ken and Nathan Gaub did at the depositions, that honest Dan did nothing wrong, Dawndee will proudly hand all legal cost, all penalties, interest and taxes to the victims and say you all pay it.   I am now out of here and ride off into the sunset having also been the co-conspirator with her husband, ripped millions, lived the high life and then leave the victims will all the debts and obligations. Thank you SO MUCH Dawndee Gaub Johnston! I mean really, a thank you is in order here right? Every single victim is trying to figure this out. The Gaubs steal and rip off their money. The Gaubs have taxes like anyone that is due and owing. Dawndee knows what happened, you can bank on that, YET, she is perfectly ok with again screwing the victims and having them pay HER taxes, pay HER penalties, pay HER interest! How diabolical is that!?! I mean seriously, what kind of human being does this?


So in the final analysis, we have been able to connect all the dots.   Nathan Gaub was the owner, he was in the very, very least a partner, he posted the LinkedIn site, and he gave the interview at raising Kings.


Nathan called one victim while we were at the house preparing questions together.   Nathan was put on speaker phone so we could all hear what was being said.    Nathan has stated some of the most incriminating things ever. Stating I, the writer of this article is going to prison. That all that help me will be arrested and go too. The lines of false, defamatory and libelous crap he tells the man he called, is over the top.  We all took notes of the NUMEROUS FALSE, defamatory, and slanderous statements Nathan made against me.   We are all prepared to testify under oath about what Nathan Gaub said.  BTW, to readers, I contacted the place Nathan said under oath is having a major investigation on me.  I got a call back from a Sergeant at YSO.  He made it clear there was no investigation.  Nathan Gaub again, caught in another major lie under oath.


Nathan, Ken, and Dawndee Gaub Johnston are deluded and have continued to delude themselves into thinking they can fool everyone. That they are THE masters of illusion and delusion and all will fall for their stories. I mean after all, Ken has said for decades stories that range from raising up the dead, to healing the crippled. Dan took it to the next level and took people for tens of millions. The Gaubs have felt people eat up whatever we say and then say, please give us more, we believe we believe! Those glory days are over for the Gaubs and people not only do not believe anymore, but are skeptical at best with anything the Gaubs now say.


Dawndee Gaub Johnston will never make it, if put on the stand in this case.   The evidence is overwhelming of her guilt.   For Nathan and Ken to say they do not think that Dan did anything wrong, well that leaves everyone with one of two feelings, they are PART of the scam, or choose blissful ignorance.   Since Nathan is right back to being the owner of yet another FX operation, one on his site that makes it look like it’s so big, that operators are standing by.   If all lines are busy, they will call back. We have made copies of things, that Nathan, Ken and Dawndee Gaub Johnston will have a hard time explaining in the witness chair.   They have worked at creating more illusions to mislead people into making decisions that are simply not consistent with what the truth really is.   One of Nathans big recommendations on LinkedIn asked me just last week, how can I withdraw my recommendation for Nathan Gaub that Nathan Gaub asked him to do. This was done in 2011 before Dan even died. Nathan was not some web guy, he was the one training and teaching these people! Asking for their money for the “robots” like some victims will testify to. Now the Gaubs may also be so deluded that they do not know what this all means, in the thousands of words above.   The Gaubs are people that believe they have raised the dead, healed the cripple, and got calls on pay phones from people who God gave them the number to call.   The list of angel appearances, to tell Ken Gaub he will have millions flowing, to Dawndee Gaub trying to raise Dan from the dead on the third day, is not going to be pretty and this, along with all the above and more will be coming out.


If you, or someone you know has more information on the Gaubs or the Gaub scam, contact this site ASAP!




About The Equalizer

The Equalizer Group is not a part of or represent itself as a “law-firm”. Nor are we some type of “collection agency”. We are a victim advocacy organization. When a victim comes to us and tells us about their case we spend quite a bit of time investigating and looking into the merits of the matter. We then look into the backgrounds and names of the people who are reported to us or the company they own or represent. By the time we contact the offending party, we have already determined that what they did and how they did it was unjust.