Andrew Bullians and Yuri Ranson (father and son team) scams and fraud exposed!

Do you know or have you heard of Andrew Bullians and/or his son, Yury Ransom? They are scamming people out of large sums of money. They have stolen $297,715.00 from one individual. Below is an idea of what he went through and of his dealings with these individuals from February, 2007 through July, 2012.

I was introduced to Mr. Bullians by a “Christian” friend who vouched for his integrity. Having fallen victim to many other scams/scammers in the past, I thought it prudent to do my due diligence. I contacted several others who knew Mr. Bullians and received similar affirmation that he was a man I could have trust in. I flew my family to Washington DC to meet with Andrew and his son face to face. My wife and son were very suspicious, but I ventured ahead in spite of their words of caution.

Almost from the very start I saw red flags when Andrew stated to me that he had closed his London bank account and that I should wire funds to his son’s account, but I didn’t think too much of it since he told me he would soon have a new account set up at another London bank. I wired $270,000.00 into Yury’s personal account and Yury signed a loan agreement to secure the funds.

 The purpose of my business dealings with Andrew and his son was to be able to invest funds in various ventures around the world that offered security and a decent rate of return. I made it very clear from the very outset, however, that I could not afford to put any of the funds at risk. Andrew assured me that all of my investments with him were risk free because he would secure them with personal funds and/or May Holdings funds. He indicated that May Holdings was worth many millions of dollars and that I would never have to worry about losing any of my money. In fact, at our last face to face meeting in Chicago, he informed me that he had 189 million dollars to work with. I was to find out later that this was a totally fictitious number as were the monthly earnings reports that he sent me each month which made it appear as though my account was growing steadily. In fact that last statement that I was provided, before I discovered that Andrew was a crook, dated August 31, 2007, shows that I, allegedly, had $374,651.09 in my account. Andrew finally had to admit that he had been operating a Ponzi scheme when he was unable to return to me some funds that I desperately needed. After months of pleading with him, he finally sent me a letter of apology in which he stated he had been a poor steward of my funds and informed me that much of the money had been lost on bad investments and that the balance had been used for “corporate expenses.” (That is an euphemism for “I stole your money.”) The newly revised statement dated April 15, 2012 shows that I have a mere account balance of $520.49.

To add insult to injury, I recently learned from Francaois Schutte, a gentleman located in South Africa who Andrew invested $100,000.00 with, that upon hearing of my desperate need for funds he scraped together $60,000.00 and sent it to Andrew to return to me, but Andrew kept the funds for his own use.

Mr. Schutte was as shocked to hear that I never received the funds as I was to learn that he had done this in spite of the fact that he ended up losing his farm in the process. This illustrates better than anything else I can say, just what caliber of charlatan Andrew is. To top it off, this hypocrite even had the unmitigated gall to write to me that “We pray for your salvation and that your eyes will be open to what is going on in the Spirit.” Instead of coming clean and trying to make amends for his vile ways, he attempts to lay a guilt trip on me for attempting to hold him accountable. What chutzpah!!!!!!

 If you wish to learn firsthand the duplicity of this man log on to two of his websites:

Here is also a list of other individuals, companies and organizations that Andrew, his son and wife are affiliated with:

Noiz Limited, 12 Baymen Ave., King’s Park, Belize City, Belize

Ravi Sahota, May Holdings, Halesowen, England Tel: +441216028180

Yury Ransom, May Solutions: Stoke-on-Trent, England Tel: 01782-310-618 (Andrew’s son)

Yolinda Bullians, Kingfisher Foundation: Panama City, Panama (current wife)

Global Express, Technology Services Ltd; Belize City, Belize

Brian Hay, Rehoboth Resources, Belize City, Belize

I J Juhasz, SonShip Industries, Inc, Belize City, Belize

Kahal Financial Ltd: Belize City, Belize

Cyrus Holdings Foundation; Panama City, Panama

Anyone wishing to receive documents to verify everything I have stated is welcome to write to me ( OR CONTACT THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE)  and I will be happy to provide proof of everything I have stated. I have scores of email correspondence, signed documents and financial statements to back up everything I have set forth. I also have the names and phone numbers of many of the other victims of Andrew and his son that I will provide upon request.

Herb Friske

PO Box 157

Petoskey, Michigan 49770



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