Accusations fall upon Suzy Axmaker of ripping people off.

 suzy axmaker


Suzy Axmaker, known to some in the communities of Yakima and Sunnyside has been taking her name to a whole new level.  the allegations again her are of being dishonest, showing very low character of herself, and ripping people off who have agreed to go into business with her. They put their total and complete trust in her.

The allegations come from individuals who have agreed to  invest in her different business deals. She has a web program she has been doing by the name of:

This information is on the top of our list! Be very mindful, use common sense and do some checking before you give this woman any thought or any of your hard earned money for the different business operations she is involved with.  The victims that have contacted us, have given her an “F” Rating as to working with her after what has gone on.We highly advise, if you are thinking/planning on working with her on any level, that you move forward with your own due diligence and see what you can find out first before you give her your money.

 *Suzy Axmaker in the above photo is in the second row wearing a black shirt. Just so you know who you are dealing with.


 The contact info. for her is as follows:

Address:613 Scoon Rd

Sunnyside, Washington 98944.  

Phone  509-836-0665

 Suzy Axmaker cell 509-830-7597

These are the following businesses she is associated with: Casa Blanca Construction LLC, Casa
Blanca Estates LLC, Margo 2 LLC, Real Estate Counseling Inc, Shop Alot For Less LLC, and TCB Investment Properties, LLC. She is also known to be going by the following alias: Marilyn Susie Axmaker, Marilyn Suzie Axmaker, Marilyn Axmaker and Marilyn S Axmaker.


About The Equalizer

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