Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t they try to sue you or come after me?

Firstly, once we’re on the case, it is no longer your effort. You have alerted an organization and made a complaint. Since we don’t accept retainers for our services and you don’t have any contract with us, any lies or intimidation tactics that they might use will be wholly ineffective. Our reputation is based on our unwavering pursuit of justice. Once we determine that someone has been wronged, we do not deviate from our goal until the situation has been resolved for both parties. You have a right and obligation to make a complaint, the actions taken afterward are mandated by our office. Next, bringing suit against TEG has proven fruitless time and again, and when I say fruitless, I mean fruitless. Many greedy lawyers tell their clients, “OK, it’s time to let the professionals do their job, step back while I file suit on these clowns.” Of course, anyone being paid for legal services will recommend taking legal action for the simple fact that it assures more money in their pockets. These frivolous lawsuits have never once stopped us. In fact, in certain situations, it can be helpful to our case. We’ll leave those crafty lawyers to ponder over the implications of attempting to or filing suit. We have a whole department of people that specialize with those issues if they occur. We may sound arrogant in this regard, but take our track record as proof. To date, in 19 years serving the public’s interest, not once has anyone we have assisted been sued as a result of our efforts, nor has anyone ever successfully acheived a judgement against anyone that works in this effort. That, my friend, is publicly available fact.

What if they want to make things right?

That is fantastic, and as far as we are concerned, if the party who took your funds makes the right choice to come to an amicable resolution, the case is closed and the money goes directly to you, not us! If you are satisfied, we will close the file. They will be under instruction not to speak with you, so do not worry about being pressured by them or their lawyers. Any deals or resolutions must be made through us as an intermediary.

What if they don’t listen to you and still try to reach me?

We act your behalf, but as a separate party. Part of the benefit with working with us is that, once in our hands, the actions taken are our responsibility. No amount of swindling, pleading or bullying with you will resolve the issue. They can either work with us directly or, if they prefer, have their counsel work with us to get a settlement and/or release agreement put together that normally clears their client of any admission of liability or wrong doing and other standard wording. If you would so choose, you may have counsel of your own review the agreement. We are not attorneys; we are wizened and battle-hardened consumer advocates that work toward getting wrongs set right. In the circumstance that they press you further, they will be advised that the case will move forward unless they immediately cease and desist from harassing you personally.

You give them a chance to make this matter right first?

Yes, we always give the other side a chance to resolve things amicably. However, so you are fully informed, the people who have taken your money often have such twisted thinking they rarely feel they have done wrong. Hitler and many like him truly believed their effort to be righteous and those innocents they ruthlessly murdered were the “bad guys”. You shouldn’t expect a Perry Mason moment where the bad guy comes to his senses and confesses. They normally attempt to convince us they are the victim and you freely gave them the money. They excuse themselves by claiming they just can’t pay it back, have it but are not willing to give it back, or cite some tight-knit contract they believe will save them. Time after time we have had those contracts busted wide open and, in case after case, ruled as worthless as the paper they were written on. The reasons that these bad-faith contracts fail seem to continue to elude the bad guys and their lawyers. In past cases it can be clearly seen that the offending party had all of their assets seized, occasionally being charged and convicted of criminal offenses. In most cases, those parties also had tightly knit “contracts”.

About the Author

The Equalizer Group is not a part of or represent itself as a “law-firm”. Nor are we some type of “collection agency”. We are a victim advocacy organization. When a victim comes to us and tells us about their case we spend quite a bit of time investigating and looking into the merits of the matter. We then look into the backgrounds and names of the people who are reported to us or the company they own or represent. By the time we contact the offending party, we have already determined that what they did and how they did it was unjust.