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Due to the nature of our business we are careful with how we communicate as we regularly receive correspondence from scammers and fraudsters who attempt to lie to gain our trust and personal information about us. It never works, but it is for this reason we only communicate via the contact forms found on this page until your identity can be confirmed. After such, you will be able to communicate more directly with us. We have spent a great number of hours in developing our systems, so rest assured that your correspondence, while monitored and recorded for our own and our clients’ safety, is secure.
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The Equalizer Group is not a part of or represent itself as a “law-firm”. Nor are we some type of “collection agency”. We are a victim advocacy organization. When a victim comes to us and tells us about their case we spend quite a bit of time investigating and looking into the merits of the matter. We then look into the backgrounds and names of the people who are reported to us or the company they own or represent. By the time we contact the offending party, we have already determined that what they did and how they did it was unjust.